Updates to the website, or Kevin! Bake on! We’re still going to need that celebration cake.

Get it? Kevin? Bake on? Kevin Bacon? It was my favorite gag in Dreamworks’ Penguins of Madagascar, which I watched this weekend, because Dylan loves penguins. Oh how he loves them. I’m running out of penguin-related knickknacks to buy him for his birthdays. Anyway, the octopus, voiced by John freaking Malkovich, snuck in a celebrity name whenever he addressed his octopi minions. Kevin, bake on. Nicholas, cage them! Elijah, would you hand me my death ray?

Also watched this weekend: Birdman (finally!) and it was just as imaginative and delightfully odd as I’d hoped. Exodus: Gods and Kings (I was on Ramses’ side, and what was Sigourney Weaver doing in that movie besides a whole lot of nothing?), and American Beauty, because Dylan hadn’t seen it. Performances aside, it has not aged well.

By this rampant string of movie watching, you may infer that I am in fact in between books. I have one more Goddess War story to write, which I will begin tomorrow (it’s about Artemis!), and copyedits for my Violent Ends story got done today, also edits will be happening for Three Dark Crowns, but the point is, I don’t have to start another actual brand new book until like….June. And then my summer will disappear behind this computer screen.

For now, I’m whiling away my days playing Dragon Age: Inquisition and formulating workshops and presentations for events I’m doing this spring. For more info, see the updated Events page. And I’m going back to Thunder Bay, where Cas and Anna are from!

Speaking of UPDATES: Also, see the updated pages for Ungodly, the anthologies, and a placeholder for Three Dark Crowns, all created by the lovely Rachel Silberman. And I updated my bio. It’s not as interesting, I don’t think, but I guess that whole “I like rare red meat and veganism” thing was confusing, and I was going to catch heat eventually for reading Ayn Rand, even if reading her is not the same as agreeing with her philosophy. So go on, and have a poke around, if you like. I’ll wait.

Great, you’re back. I missed you. Did you see that The X-Files is returning? I haven’t been this excited since Floyd Mayweather said he would fight Manny Pacquiao. When I heard the news, I started shouting, “Mulder and Scully are returning? Mulder and Scully are returning!” Joyfully, like Kathy Bates does in Fried Green Tomatoes when she learns that Mrs. Otis has died.

You are all too young to get that reference.

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