The Little Insect Was Just Waiting For The Diaper To Fall Off

The title is a quote from Three Men and a Baby. It’s been a poignant quote for me for the last two weeks, since we welcomed Obi Dog Kenobi into our house and he proceeded to pee on everything. Yes, I love him, and yes, he is my dog-child, but do I call him a little insect? Of course I do. It was funny to me when Tom Selleck said it to that baby and it is no less funny to me when I say it to Obi Dog now.

Obi Dog Kenobi Ears

He’s also much of the reason I’ve been absent from…well, everything. And the reason that the catsons are fighting with each other, because Tybalt loves Obi but Tyrion does not, and the reason this blog post will continue with bullet points to save time.

Here’s what I’m (supposed to be) working on, aka, stuff that’s coming soon:

-a short for Shaun David Hutchinson’s VIOLENT ENDS, an anthology featuring pieces revolving around the same high school shooting

-a short for Jonathan Maberry’s SCARY OUT THERE, an anthology exploring what horror is for teens

-a short for the third volume of Jonathan Maberry’s upcoming X-FILES Anthology

All the news I’ve got that’s shareable:

SLASHER GIRLS & MONSTER BOYS, featuring my story “On the I-5”, has a release date of August 18, 2015

-galley orders for UNGODLY are going in, but no cover or release date yet. It is pretty much written and edited though

-I am a guest, along with Lish McBride (FIREBUG) on Susan Adrian’s tour for her debut, TUNNEL VISION, at University Bookstore in Seattle (U District) on January 28th at 7pm

Reminder: if anyone is looking to buy one of my books for that special someone (or their special selves, why not?) signed copies are probably still available to be shipped from any of the bookstores I stopped at on my tour. Due to inquiries, they are still up on my events page, and will remain there until after the holidays. If you want a signed book, it would be a good way to go. Cheaper than buying and shipping to me to sign, and also supporting the awesome indie stories I toured at. Thanks to anyone who orders!

Author Event board photo

Final Reminder that shouldn’t even be a reminder:

Don’t buy ivory trinkets. Apparently, terrorist and non-terrorist poachers alike are hunting down African elephants and cutting off their faces while they’re still alive, and I like Dumbo so this angers me. We can stop a lot of this by simply not buying ivory. The US is still a major importer of ivory, which I find weird. Who the hell is buying it? If I’m in a shop, and suspect something is made from ivory, I will inquire, and if the answer is yes, I won’t shop there anymore.

Not buying ivory. It seems like an easy thing to do. Of course if you want to do more than simply not buy, check out this website.

2 thoughts on “The Little Insect Was Just Waiting For The Diaper To Fall Off

    1. Kendare Blake Post author

      Me neither about the ivory. I was so surprised to learn the US still buys so much of it. Good to know I will miss these puppy days! And you have a red dobie too?


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