Sparkly eyes technique. Are you ready?

Sparkly eyes technique, for those of you who have not seen The Men Who Stare at Goats, is a method of disarming someone that basically involves giving them…well…the sparkly eyes. I don’t recommend it. If George Clooney can’t pull it off, then you probably can’t either. But I do recommend the movie. While it may not be the uproarious comedy it touted itself to be (or at least that the trailers touted it to be) it is endlessly fascinating, and has driven me to read the book.

Another screen thing that has driven me to read the book: Game of Thrones. Damn you Sean Bean. Now I’m going to be engrossed in swords and sorcery all summer.

Anyway, this post is the equivalent of sparkly eyes technique. There’s nothing much to it. It’s just a placeholder, telling you some other places that I’ll be in the next two weeks, where I hope to be much less sparkly eyes and more substance.

Sunday I’m over at The Night Bazaar, where I’ll be discussing my favorite horror novel. Friday the 24th I’m chatting live (with other authors too) about the publishing biz over at Eve’s Fan Garden as part of their Summer Camp feature. Sunday the 26th I’m at Books at Midnight, as part of the Five Flavors of Summer Feature. And look, here’s a pretty button:

Also, Tor is running a sweepstakes for five copies of Anna Dressed in Blood, and they’ve posted the first chapter free. Very cool. If you’ve entered to win, or read the chapter…thank you. I hope you win, and that you enjoyed it.

Writing world has changed gears briefly as I delved into edits on Secret Project S, which is headed off to the agent next week for final tweaks before submission. I also have to put together a query pack and synopsis because the damned thing wants to be a trilogy. I suck at synopses. I suck intensely. Luckily, my agent seems quite deft at unsucking whatever I toss her way.

And hopefully soon, we will know whether the new title for The novel formerly known as The Girl From Hell, has stuck.

4 thoughts on “Sparkly eyes technique. Are you ready?

  1. Anonymous


    I totally entered, you already know how I felt about the first chapter:D SO excited for Anna!! And, The Girl From Hell sounds like a very promising name. Yay, Kendare!

    1. kendare_blake

      Re: EEEEEP

      I was pretty psyched about The Girl From Hell. It was hard to come up with a new title. But you know…no “hell” on the cover. It doesn’t fly well with Indie bookstores 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Re: Awesome First Chapter

    Thanks, Mindee! I’m glad you liked the first chap. But boo, you didn’t win a free copy? No worries; I’ll be giving away more:)


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