So the YA Scream Queens are dead.

They’re all dead. Is it really that important to find out who did it? I mean, they’re dead. And maybe I did it and maybe I did do it and maybe I killed them all, or none or something. But did you ever consider that there are far more likely suspects in the YA realm? Like April Genevieve Tucholke. Who makes her admission here! Or she should because she’s obviously guilty. She seems very kind, and very sweet. But she’s got a lot of rage. I’d lay odds they’ll find a lace veil under one of the bodies, and April has lots of those. Delightful, gothic, creepy ones.

Or, I did see Delilah S. Dawson taking copious amounts of notes on mass and serial murder vs. spree killing a few weekends ago. She probably spree killed the whole lot. Get the authorities over to her page immediately!

Then again, maybe just go to the YA Scream Queens and ogle their dead bodies. That’s what I’ll be doing. Don’t judge me!

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