Room 237

Two nights ago, I awoke from a dead sleep to the sound of a chime. The very familiar chime of an elevator arriving. There is no elevator in our house. I woke Dylan, to see if he could hear it, and when he could, went to investigate. Turns out it was a short in our doorbell, that made it charge up and emit just one, rather dead-sounding ding. And I was so sure it was the elevator from the Overlook Hotel, finally arriving.

I mention this because it genuinely freaked me out. I was so positive I would go into my living room and find several decaying corpses with noisemakers and party hats, ready to get down. They weren’t there, but it was still fun, probably because Dylan was there. Had I been by myself, it would have still been fun, but the kind of fun that is followed by staying awake all night long.

I never used to truly enjoy being spooked out. I wonder if it’s a side effect from writing so much dark stuff.

Completely unrelated: What did the Wachowskis do to Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending? He looks like Mugatu from Zoolander. Can you not see it?

channing tatummugatu




Come on, they’re at least cousins.

Anyway, my life as a doberman’s body pillow continues, but today he’s going to have to face some tough realities, as I’m back to work in earnest on Three Dark Crowns. Last month, I managed to complete the short stories I needed to complete, and I actually like them all. Made it through two sets of edits for them also. But ThreeD (Three Dark Crowns, formerly 3D) needs to get to its turn-in-able (word? No? Fine, but I’m keeping it) draft by February 16th. I have high hopes. It’s all too easy, in my head.

Alas, my head, is probably in my ass.

Next week, on the 28th at 7pm, I get to hang with Susan Adrian on her tour for TUNNEL VISION (just released!) at University Book Store (U-district, Seattle). The always excellent Lish McBride will be there, too. Come on down!

3 thoughts on “Room 237

  1. Ronni

    I can’t even imagine how I would felt hearing that, but based on past behavior, I’d probably get up and go investigate. Because I’m apparently a horror movie character. OR I’d wake Adam up and say “someone’s at the door, go see.” 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well!

    1. Kendare Blake Post author

      Poor Adam! He will meet the axe murderer for you! Hope the writing is going well! I’m enjoying your cat photos on Instagram 🙂

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