Poop to That!

Saw Red yesterday and was pleasantly amused. It wasn’t epic or moving, it wasn’t a cavalry charge for glory, but it was a fun romp for actors I love. John Malkovich is a delight. And when Bruce Willis had the obligatory lip-lock at the end, I made the same face that Malkovich did.

Midterm elections are over. But politics never goes away. The debates and the irritations will continue. I miss being in grade school when I didn’t really care about all this shit. My home state of Minnesota re-elected the abhorrent Michelle Bachmann. What? Was she running against a goat? Well even if she was, it should have been Welcome to the House Mr. Goat! So, Poop to That.

Halloween has come and gone. If anyone had an excellent costume, let me know. I love to hear about excellent costumes, as it has been many years since I’ve been able to scrap one together myself. Have I mentioned just how behind Neil Gaiman’s movement, All Hallows Read I am? Well I am. Check it out.


Though not really in keeping with the horror theme, I did send my dad a copy of Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, a book that I haven’t read, but the crime thriller plot seemed right up his alley. Next year, I will of course be slinging copies of ANNA, and perhaps some other excellent Elevensie scares.

A lot of writers I know are working on new projects. And feeling the pressure of daily or weekly word counts. We all do it. And it’s a bucket of yuck. Some of us, have real deadlines breathing down our necks, and the aforementioned bucket can’t be avoided. But I don’t. Deadline is way, far off. And yet I still feel bad when I don’t write something. I tell people I didn’t manage to write one day and they say I failed. FAIL! But no, poopypants, to fail would be to write a thousand words of crud I didn’t feel like writing only to delete it all the next day.

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