No Fate But What We Make. So Don’t Illegally Download Books.

Okay, so that’s not what Sarah Connor meant in T2. And illegally downloading books won’t bring about the rise of the machines. Actually, come to think of it, it might stop the rise of the machines all together. Stay with me a second. Have you seen Idiocracy? Extrapolate. If too many people illegally download books and music, the writers and musicians they love will no longer be allowed by the industry to write books and make music. So people stop reading and listening to music, and within several generations, they revert to cave people. CAVE PEOPLE! Am I being dramatic? Yes, obviously. But just don’t do it man. For a more….cohesive analysis, read this post by The Vespertine author Saundra Mitchell. She makes a real case.

Bought Michael Crichton’s TIMELINE yesterday, because I want that moment where the science builds up and then begins to unravel to reveal the monstrosity underneath. Most of his books have that moment. And I want it. So what if after that it’s pretty much just explosions and death and guy-movie carnage? It’s still cool, and nobody does that like Crichton. Sorta weird that he’s dead.

Thank you to everyone who commented on or shone a spotlight on the cover for Anna Dressed in Blood. It’s quite incredible of you, and I do notice, and appreciate it.

Now I must be off, to work on the completion of the novel formely known as The Girl From Hell. New title TBA. Maybe I should just make it a symbol and then turn that symbol into a guitar…no wait, Prince already did that.

3 thoughts on “No Fate But What We Make. So Don’t Illegally Download Books.

  1. samarajensen

    I could never illegally download anything. I even feel guilty when I download music off itunes, like I’m shortchanging the artists because I’m getting the music a bit cheaper, or just downloading one song rather than a whole album!

    I can’t understand how anyone could illegally download books either. They must have no concept of how long it takes to write and edit a book and the sheer amount of work that goes into it. If they knew the truth, they’d realise that the price of a book is nothing compared to the blood, sweat and tears that go into producing that book.

    1. kendare_blake

      I used to feel the same way about ebooks for some reason. Like the writers were getting a bad deal because they were cheaper. I think I’ve gotten over it.

      But you just made me realize how much I miss buying an entire album.

  2. Anonymous

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