My Ass is Twitching. You People Make My Ass Twitch.

No, you don’t really make my ass twitch. That’d be weird. The line is by Kevin Kline. I won’t say what the movie is. If you know, you know. If you don’t, then ask.

Did I mention how kickass the artwork was that accompanied "Twilight, Choking on Owl Feathers" over at Mirror Dance? I think I did. And here it is:


And hey, one more holler: SLEEPWALK SOCIETY IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER!  Not just yet at Barnes and Noble, unfortunately. If you search for it there, the only thing that comes up is some weird CD of Oboe-playing. Sometimes the world makes only half a teaspoon of sense.

Thanks to those of you who have already pre-ordered. It’s a good book, I promise. But if you disagree, you disagree. Holy shit I’m agreeable. In writing news, I continue to forge ahead with Secret Project S. The 15k goal didn’t get met, but I’m making up for it now. Over 3k in two days, and most of it I like. I’m writing this in much the same fashion as I did Anna, which is by the seat of my pants. If anything, this is even more by the seat of my pants. My leading ladies often refuse to tell me where they’re headed until the moment I’m set to write it. I’m starting to feel that the love stories in this one might be epic. I’m excited to write it, actually, because I like to weave love stories in. Don’t look at me like that! Just because I don’t like mushy crap doesn’t mean I don’t like love stories! There’s a difference between straight up romance (which yes, I do enjoy from time to time), and a good love story interwoven with the plot. A love story that’s integral to the action. I generally prefer romance of the latter kind. Will and Lyra type stuff. The Mists of Avalon type stuff.

I’m getting excited to see where it ends up. This is the fun part of writing. Later, when it’s finished, and I’m wringing my hands over whether or not it will find a home, whether it sucks a whole, whole lot, that’s the less fun part. I just wrote a scene with three goddesses basically bitching and catting with each other. Both me and my heroine were sufficiently embarrassed, but it was sort of a guilty pleasure.

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