Make a Wish. Hold Your Breath. Count to Three. (Kirkus Review and Title Announcement)

I might’ve gotten that backwards. Or mixed up. Either way, if anyone was here right now, I would totally be pulling out the top hair of their heads and letting it fly. Because the quote is from Willy Wonka…not because I’m some kind of nutjob.

Getting right into it, Anna Dressed in Blood received a starred Kirkus review last week. And I am just blogging about it now, because I’m a lazy moron. Also, because the LJ goat has still been munching. Anyway the review knocked me off my rocker. Those of you with Kirkus subscriptions can read the entirety in advance of release at the site. Those of you without…I’ll just quote a bit.

Abundantly original, marvelously inventive and enormous fun, this can stand alongside the best horror fiction out there. We demand sequels. – Kirkus Reviews

I think I blacked out for a minute there. They demand sequels. So sequel they shall have! The title of Anna 2, formerly called The Girl From Hell, will now be known as GIRL OF NIGHTMARES. What do you think? I like it. The Girl from Hell was sort of funnier, but Girl of Nightmares has more of a ring to it. Anyway, it’s due up for editing next.

Saw the last Harry Potter film. It’s finally over. And it ended well. Except for that one part in the last scene…MOM-HAIR ALERT!! Now to look ahead to next year’s blockbusters. I don’t know what I’m more excited for. The conclusion of Nolan’s Batman story, or going back to Middle Earth. Or…The Lone Ranger? What the heck is that about? Seriously, Tonto. I’m afraid. Even if you are Johnny Depp.

This post took so long to get up that I’m going to have to post another something relatively soon…about International deals.

6 thoughts on “Make a Wish. Hold Your Breath. Count to Three. (Kirkus Review and Title Announcement)

  1. yasaiya


    I only wish the release date was closer! But if this Kirkus review is any indication, it will be deliciously creepy and worth the wait.

  2. Anonymous

    Congrats on the Kirkus Review…fantastic news

    Looking forward to reading Anna Dressed in Blood.

    And I have to say I do like the title GIRL OF NIGHTMARES better. Good luck with the edits.



  3. Anonymous

    I didn’t know there was such a difference in publication dates since apart from Thailand the national language is English.

    I will be trying to figure out a way to get it ASAP.


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