It’s like I’m wearing nothing at all…nothing at all…Stupid Sexy Flanders!

A classic ep of The Simpsons (or as my friend Sus calls them, "Simpys") and oh so hilarious. Two things this post. One: Hey, Book Nightmares. I’m done with you. Thanks. Bye bye then.

That’s right, the book nightmares have arrived. In the past I’ve listened to horror tales from some of my fellow Elevensies about their own book nightmares, so I know this is perfectly natural. But still. I like variety in my subconscious. So repeatedly dreaming of something catastrophic occuring about or within the book is getting on my nerves. Strangely however, I have not yet had a nightmare about Anna herself. Dylan just had his first one this week. My agent Adriann had hers before even signing me. My editor Mel Frain has had two.

The other thing this post: Book Two is in the can! Still no official title, but it’s in the can. And by "can" I mean it is resting for a week, waiting for me to go through it and fix it one more time before it heads out to be prettied up by the professionals. I don’t write in drafts. A scene or two might have something added. There are lots of individual words that get cut. But that’s about it. I’d be interested to hear about a writer with a real, heavy first, second, third draft process. Is it just a writer realizing that they hate what the book turned out like, and saying F this book, I’m writing you over! I do that sometimes, but afterwards, only the barest plot bones remain, so I don’t consider it "drafting."

End of writerly things. The Dark Knight is on in the background. Did Christian Bale win the SGA for Best Supporting? Well he should have. Because he is sublime. SUBLIME! I cannot wait for the third, however the title, The Dark Knight Rises, definitely gets a fail. Come on. What happened to Gotham City?

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