Is this some weird kind of new therapy? (Bret Easton Ellis Reading!)

I probably got that quote slightly wrong. But it’s from What About Bob? a fantastically funny movie and probably my favorite Richard Dreyfuss roll EVER. For those of you who have not seen it, do. It is a delightful farce about mental illness, and Dreyfuss channels his inner Donald Duck on a scale never before seen.

Work continued on Secret Project S, but who the hell gives a crap about that? Last night was the Ellis reading! I will admit to being completely starstruck. Though I am now quite certain that I am physically unable to squee, because I didn’t do it last night, and I surely would have, had I been physically able.

What a reading. Never mind the very stinky old man just to our left. Never mind the barrage of occasionally meandering questions during the Q&A session. Ellis was charming and funny, insightful about his own work without sounding weird and obsessive, or aloof and bored. He had a great rapport with his audience, and graciously signed everything they had for him to sign. His reading voice wasn’t the strongest I’ve ever heard, but it was a lesser read section that he did last night, and he carried it well. I couldn’t decide whether to have the book personalized to my real name or my pen name. In the end I did my real name, as it is simple and I didn’t want to sputter like an idiot trying to spell my freakin pen name. As far as the book goes, the early pages of Imperial Bedrooms are solid, and I feel a bit more heart in it than I expected. A bit more regret.

Fantastic.Now I must close up shop for the day. The cat is bored, and demands some playtime.

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