I’m in a lot of movies with all male casts. (And I’m on Twitter.)

Yeah, so now I’m @KendareBlake. Make of it what you will. So far, it’s been fun to expand my stalking of people. However, I suspect that the Internet has become sentient, and its present plan of domination is to make voyeurs and narcissists of us all. Still, I have to remember right after this to go follow The Daily Show.

Back to the all-male casts. It’s a line from Zack and Miri Make a Porno, probably my favorite Justin Long role (gay porno starring boyfriend of Brandon Routh). To the point: Cross-gender writing. How well does a female writer inhabit the head of a male character? How well does a male writer inhabit the head of a female character? I’m particularly interested to read a few of the Elevensie Dudes’ books with girl protags, such as Randy Russell’s DEAD RULES and Karsten Knight’s WILDEFIRE. And then there’s me, writing out of Cas’ head in ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD.

Personally, I think too big a stink is made over the issue at times. I hear complaints about dudes being written too feminine, with too many EMOTIONS or being too chatty. But hey. Some guys are like that.  I haven’t heard yet of anyone being accused of under-feminizing a girl, or making a boy too macho. Are there examples of this? Or do the negative traits that are singled out largely feminine traits? If so, extrapolate what that says about women.

Anyway, just a thought. First pass pages came in this week, so that’s what I’ll be up to. When I opened the file and started reading, it looked like a book. And my initial thought was, "I didn’t write this. Mine looks like a Word doc." Even though I’ve had that same response to seeing my writing in book form before, there it was again. Good.

There is the dumbest movie on in the background. Outlander, with Jim Caviezel. It’s like a mash-up of Alien, Grendel and The Thirteenth Warrior. Only it really, really sucks. All I want is for the dragon to pee on the princess and kick her off a cliff, then eat Jim Caviezel, lying down and smacking its jaws happily against its forepaws. Crap. Movie’s over and SPOILER ALERT! That’s not what happened.

6 thoughts on “I’m in a lot of movies with all male casts. (And I’m on Twitter.)

  1. randyrussell

    cross gender

    Oh assdiapers, but I cannot for the life of me stay inetrested in writing a male lead protag. Men are too boring. My artistic inclinations are purely Dianic. Can’t get around it.

  2. Emily Green

    Will there be another Anna Dressed in Blood? Ever? And if not, will there be a film, or a musical or something? My Anna fandom needs satisfying.

    1. Kendare Blake Post author

      Well, I never say never. Maybe someday. In the meantime though, the film is still in the works with Stephenie Meyer and Meghan Hibbett’s Fickle Fish Films. Keep your fingers crossed that it continues to move forward! It will definitely satisfy your Anna needs. Thank you for reading!


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