If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I’ve got time.

Thanks to Rachel for the quote. She loves her some Tommy Boy. But seriously, it relates. Loosely, but whatever. And no, not to the taking-a-dump-in-a-box part. To the "I’ve got time" part.

Because I’ve got time, people. Anna #2 is safely in the hands of the editor, and Anna Dressed in Blood’s first pass pages are there too. So she’s out of my hands. And since I’ve already written my hopeful option book, I’m using the in-between time to, not start another book, but to embark on some fun with bloggers.

Bloggers are awesome. They’re passionate, reading people. I love those people. Nikki over at Wicked Awesome Books described book bloggers and authors as a sort of extended family, and that’s a decent way of putting it. So, in the coming weeks, I’ll be stalking down book bloggers and racking my gourd for interesting guest posts, maybe throwing giveaway offers at them. Steph of Thoughts of a Book Junky did a great interview and tracked down pics of what Cas and Anna look like. I’d never really pictured them but the two shots she found make for a damn attractive couple.  In March I’ll post with the fricken sweet Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit to celebrate her 2 year blogoversary. It’ll be the very first Throwdown! With Kendare Blake. (And perhaps the last…) The prize will be a $20 BN gift card.

My goal with these blog posts is of course in part to spread the word about Anna. But it’s also because I love books and I love people who talk about books and it’s fun to get in on the convo. And because I’ve got time. So if you’re a blogger in need of weird content, contact me. We’ll talk.

End of blogger love, for now.

Random thing: The book-adapted film I would most like to see re-made: The Neverending Story. I’ve wanted to see a re-make of this for years. Never mind that I love the old school original. Never mind that I’ve seen they can butcher the novel with the two follow up editions, starring Jonathan Brandis and that d-bag from Free Willy.

Remember him? Oh, who does.

But just think how much cuter Falcor could be with the advances of CGI. 

Not that this isn’t cute. But you know what I mean. 
Unfortunately, I think M. Night Shyamalan might have done something similar already in The Last Airbender. Which once again gives me the occasion to say, God Damn you M. Night Shyamalan! God damn you. 

Got any adaptations you’d like to see? And please, oh please, someone say the rest of the His Dark Materials trilogy.

2 thoughts on “If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I’ve got time.

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kendare,

    This is Nikki from Wicked Awesome Books. I just wanted to say thanks for the shoutout! I can’t wait to see the Anna love spread around and I will definitely contact you in the future about doing something on the blog 🙂

    P.S. The Neverending Story is kind of amazing. The scene with Artax always gets me.


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