I want to use a quote from Spartacus, but they’re all too dirty.

Rest well, Andy Whitfield. I'm going to be annoyed all season watching Spartacus without you. And John Hannah. But mostly you.

Yes, Andy Whitfield has died, and in that strange way that hearing news that has nothing to do with you can ruin your day, has ruined my day. When Heath Ledger died, I called a friend and at the same time we said we almost felt the need to call in sick. Not because we were huge, rabid Heath Ledger fan-stalkers or anything. But because the world felt slanted and we figured we ought to stay in. Yes, we're weird.

Anyhow. the Teen Book Scene blog tour for Anna just wrapped up, and I'll send out the winning prize packs as soon as I know who the winners are. The Kismet Book Tour for Anna has just started, and if you want to watch me flounder on video, the kickoff post is up over at Parajunkee's View. I never do video. The lighting usually makes me look like Wayne Campbell scaring Garth Algar by putting a flashlight under his chin and growling, "I'm the Leprechaun!" Which is what I wanted to do for the kickoff post, but they said no. They're giving away a Kindle at tour's end, so head on over and enter. Then the winner will be announced on my site. Which is actually on this blog. One of these days, I'm going to run a giveaway through this thing. And no one will show up. But not today.

Tomorrow I'll be guesting over at Writer Writer Pants on Fire, talking about the submissions process. As of this week, I should be on submissions again, as I have not yet reached the stage where I can pitch my editor a book about an evil desk lamp and have her ask when she can have it by. (I love that Family Guy bit.)

Everyone gearing up for All Hallow's Read? Got a scary book to give or trade? I'm looking forward to some good recommendations from people, and hopefully giving away some of my own.

4 thoughts on “I want to use a quote from Spartacus, but they’re all too dirty.

  1. Anonymous

    i feel sad for andy withfield too (just like for heath ledger), probably because what is happened to his character was so intense and andy was such a good actor that i lived the story like it was true. i’m really sorry for andy and his family and the new actor have a very great shoes to fill.

    and, my recommendations about novels: do you know this new book called “anna dressed in blood”? it’s damn awesome!:-)
    but in case you already read it, try the night huntress series by jeaniene frost, her character, Cat, make seems buffy a gentle scoutgirl!:-)

  2. Anonymous

    goodbye andy

    i feel sad for andy too, with him i lived all the tragic events in the life of spartacus, like it was all true. the new actor will have very great shoes to fill.

    about the recommendation for novels: did you read this new book called “anna dressed in blood”? it’s awesome!:-)
    but in case you already did, try the night huntress series by jeaniene frost, her character, Cat, make seems buffy a gentle scoutgirl!

    1. kendare_blake

      Re: goodbye andy

      I’ve seen the preview with Liam whats-his-butt.. I don’t know about it. He certainly won’t be able to eclipse Andy Whitfield. And I guess that’s a good thing.

      Ha ha, yes, I’ve read Anna Dressed in Blood, just a few times! But thank you for the other rec!

  3. Anonymous

    I read a lot of books. A LOT. I stayed up past 2 am to finish this book, knowing that my son will be up bright and early no matter how tired I am from staying up so late. While reading this book, I could not get out of the main character’s head. I could not let go of this story until I knew the end. Once I finished the book, I felt so satisfied with the ending and yet, still hoping for another book to follow. What an amazing story, and so unique… and the title is so fitting… LOVED IT. More please?


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