Holding….Still Holding…

The title quote is from Old School, when Vince Vaughn is on the rings with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. I used it because the Olympics are gearing up and watching the gymnasts reminds me of what a pansy I am. Everything they do looks like it hurts. Even when they do it right and don't fall off in excruciating ways. So you go, gymnasts.

ALA was incredible. And by that I mean fun. And Crazy. Capital C. Librarians are passionate, informed, and really nice people. So are bloggers, who were also there. One of whom finally delivered my Hogwarts letter. Thank god. I was starting to worry I was a muggle or something.

And, I got my picture taken with George RR Martin. And he sat next to me at dinner. George RR Martin was like thisclose.

And I met my editor! Who is just as wonderful in person as I always suspected she would be. We talked a little about the future cover for ANTIGODDESS, and I pretty much kept my trap shut as she told me what her idea was. Then I told her unabashedly that I loved her. Because it was also my idea. Like, the exact. Same. Idea. So I hope it works out, and that I can show it around soon.

A few random things: Did you hear about that guy who got high on synthetic marijuana and ate a black lab? Dragged it up onto a porch, beat and strangled it to death, and then ate it. I read that article and clicked away, then went to the mall and somebody behind me complained loudly about my not walking in a straight line and I almost turned around and punched them in the face. And I thought, whoa, why the rage? And I realized, I was still pissed about the dog. So my husband and I decided that the guy should be charged with like, 3rd degree dogslaughter. That should exist. He should serve time. Unless he's really, really sorry about it, and then we can plea bargain. But if he ever utters the words "what, it was just a dog" then NO DEAL.

Watched THE DEVIL INSIDE this weekend. If you're scared of exorcist movies, or exorcisms in general, just follow my handy survival guide. When confronted with a possessed person, punch them in the face. The demon will be shocked. "What? You thought I would try to save her? Bitch, I'm trying to kill her! Now hold…still…"

In book news, ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD is officially out in the UK and Australia today! Yay! It may be in a Waterstones right now. I wish I was also there. And it's available as a FREE SYNC DOWNLOAD this week along with THE WOMAN IN WHITE! I look forward to hearing the audio. If anyone has already heard the audio, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

And I should cross 50k today in ANTIGODDESS #2. The gods are still up to their bloody, bloody shenanigans. So are the heroes.

If you're going to be at Comic Con, head over to the Smart Pop booth #4300. You may be able to snag a copy of Shadowhunters and Downworlders, the January 2013 essay anthology about The Mortal Instruments series, edited by Cassandra Clare. I contributed. Yet I have not edited said contribution. So read at your own risk.

2 thoughts on “Holding….Still Holding…

  1. kendare_blake

    Re: Anna Dressed in Blood – audiobook

    Hey Ramey,

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the audiobook. So far, the feedback I’ve gotten about the voice has been mixed. I actually haven’t heard it yet!

    Thank you for all your kind words, about the books, and also Mojo. He’ll appreciate the concern. And Tybalt will appreciate the name recognition 🙂

    Hope you like Girl of Nightmares!


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