Hey, Giada De Laurentis…Your Boobs Don’t Make Me Hungry.

But my brother has always disagreed. Anyway, boobs aside, I love me some Everyday Italian. Food Network is almost always on in the background whenever I’m working. Drives Dylan nuts.

Watched Rabbit Hole last night. Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart both live up to their usual level of excellence. It’s a careful, beautifully acted film and I recommend it.

There’s about two months until Anna Dressed in Blood is out in the world. Weird. I wrote it more than two years ago, now. And I signed with Tor last April, if I recall. To everyone who has read it and taken the time to leave a thought: Gratitude. For everyone who has pre-ordered: Gratitude.

Ah, gratitude. I’ve obviously been watching too much Spartacus.

Anna will be going on blog tours this fall, one with Teen Book Scene and one with Kismet Book Tours. The Teen Book Scene will feature a lot of fun content, character interviews, lists, etc. The Kismet Tour I think will be sort of like a game of Clue, with a prize of a Kindle with an Anna Dressed in Blood gelskin and the book pre-loaded on it. They’ll also be interviewing my editor, Mel Frain, and the artist and art director behind the el awesome superbeasto cover: Nekro and Seth Lerner.

I just finished reading my first verse novel: The Day Before, by Lisa Schroeder. It’s fantastic. I had a completely visceral reaction to it. Though that might be because I’m adopted and didn’t have a long leap to empathy. Beautiful verse though. I’m not going to hoard it, either, as it was a gift from Shanyn at Chick Loves Lit. So one of the bloggers who comes to my signing in MN will get it re-gifted.

Since much of my work demands that I sit in a chair, I’m always in peril of developing Desk Butt. So in an effort to put this off, I started this ridiculous Butt Workout. Seriously, it’s marching around at hyperspeed flapping your arms like a chicken. Much of the breathlessness is from the uncontrollable laughter.

*Oh, addendum…Down Home with the Neelys is on in the background and I thought I just heard Pat Neely say "Everybody’s gonna get here before we can boink, girl!" But I’m pretty sure he said "blink." But if you’ve seen the show, Boink would make just as much sense.

4 thoughts on “Hey, Giada De Laurentis…Your Boobs Don’t Make Me Hungry.

  1. kendare_blake

    I’m going to be in MN in late September. Having a sort of post-launch signing/cake thing at Scout and Morgan Booksellers in Cambridge (the good old hometown!) No other events set yet, except for around Washington State and…one I think in CA.

    It’d be great to meet you! Are you from the MN area?

    1. Anonymous

      No, I don’t live in MN. I live in Chicago and was hoping you’d be further south in Rochester. 🙁 But please take lots of pictures at your event! I’m sure I’m not the only fan who’d love to see how it goes!

  2. Anonymous

    Men, boobs, what’s the deal?

    And yes, I’m totally jealous of your awesome cover. Definitely want to know more about the genesis of that!


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