Girl of Nightmares Winners Emailed or Messaged

And so, this contest comes to a close. I had a bitchin time reading all of your entries (and looking at, and watching, and listening to recs) and I thank you for all of them. I also had a bitchin time tallying up everything. Geez. After all was said and done there were over 1600 individual points.

But the winners are:  Traci D!!! Mia T!!! and Disturbinglynic!!!! I've emailed Traci and Mia, and DMed Nic on Twitter.

Traci D had a junk ton of entries, having sent lots of varied art. Here's a recent piece from her I loved:

And Mia did a lovely video using American Horror Story and The Uninvited, which I totally can't find the link to right now. So here's some of her art:

Love it!!

There were a lot of other great videos and art, and funny penguin involved things, so I'm going to reserve them to showcase on the blog later on. Thanks so everyone who flexed creative muscle for this contest, and gave me great music/book recs, and oddly enough, new pick up lines. You guys are excellent.

5 thoughts on “Girl of Nightmares Winners Emailed or Messaged

  1. emptycorners

    I’m sad to not have won but 1) I’m still NUTS about Anna and can’t wait for GoN and 2) the art that some of the winners did is just spectacular! I think it’s a great thing that you encouraged us to use our creative muscles while also promoting GoN! I love when I meet authors that genuinely care about their fans getting into art of all kinds! Three cheers for Anna, Cas, reading, art, music and Kendare! xD

    1. kendare_blake

      It was so great to see how the art varied. So creative, and funny. And one of the real gems was your poem 🙂

      I hope to be able to run another contest like this for a future book.

      1. emptycorners

        Aw, thanks! 🙂

        ha I’m sure no matter what you write we’ll all be wanting more of your story crafting mad-genius (that’s better than ordinary genius)!

  2. Anonymous

    Want more eye candies

    Congratulations to the winners – those pictures are awesome! =)
    Will we get to see more cool artwork entries?
    Thanks for the contest,



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