Girl of Nightmares Contest Entries ie Badassness from you badasses.

When I opened this giveaway a few weeks ago, I didn't think I'd get any mega entries. I hoped for a few, because I love to see people's creativity, and I'm just a jerk who likes to be entertained. But I've gotten more than a few. Several pieces of excellent have flown to my inbox, and they range from the funny to the bloody, to the gorgeous and in-between.

I've also enjoyed your random facts. Hey girl who fell off the bed and "broke her nose" only to have a tape cast take her skin off…great story. Hey you crushing on your neighbor…I'm pulling for you.

The jokes are fantastic. (What kind of bees make milk? Boo bees! Ha ha ha! Dumb humor! I love it.) The music recs are also fantastic. I'm compiling a large list (and I do mean large) to turn into a playlist, so I can listen straight through. Some recs I've gotten before…people have been telling me to listen to The Cruxshadows for I don't know how long. So I will.

And whoever recommended Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones for Cas….excellent. Although in my head he's already cast as Odysseus from ANTIGODDESS 🙂

I wanted to showcase a few of these fine art entries:

From Leah at Much Ado About Books…this looks like one of the doodles I do in giveaway books.

Anime style Anna from Lena N!
Creepy oil from Tracy D!

And finally a gorgeous banner from Heather at Supagurl Books and Tours:

Thank you, everyone, for excellent entries. They've been so fantastic. If you don't see yours showcased here, I'm reserving it for a future post 🙂 Good luck, all! The giveaway is still open for entries. Submit artwork, photo or video as often as you want. I'll close this off on June 1st, and draw winners shortly after…sometime during the following week.

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