ARC Winners Have Been Emailed

So check your inboxes, Mary from Sweeping Me, Erin from Cullens to Classics, and Lena from Addicted 2 Novels!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Blogger Love Giveaway. You rock, and so do the names of your blogs. Seriously. So fun and clever. I hope everyone will try again when I do the open giveaway, later this month.

Okay. Um. Peace out and word to your mother.

8 thoughts on “ARC Winners Have Been Emailed

  1. Anonymous

    HOLY CRAP!!! I’m going to be smiling like an idiot until it arrives… then I’m going to lock myself in my bedroom so no one can disturb my reading! 🙂 I teach and next week is our Spring Break. Hoping it arrives so I can read it during break.

  2. Anonymous

    So excited!

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m so excited to have won. That damn goat, as cranky as he can be, is my new best friend. I can’t wait to get it in the mail and start reading. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    ANNA Haiku

    I wrote an Haiku for my favorite ANNA character (guess who). Hope it turned out okay, English isn’t my native language.

    So harmless you seemed
    But such a badass you are
    When you swing that bat

    Some random facts about me:
    I had to take Malaria medication when I was twelve and went sleepless for 48 hours during that time – and then I got a fully fleshed-out oh-no-a-T-Rex-is-attacking-the-car-I’m-sitting-in-hallucination followed by a huge panic attack because I thought it was real (Let it be known throughout the whole country: the feeling of a T-Rex attacking your car SUCKS).
    My greedy turtle is trying to hunt me down for dinner, every single day, since 1997. I did a falconry course last month and was so overexcited that I cried when I had to hand the hawk back.
    Oh, and its my birthday in early June, what a nice coincidence… *evil grin*

    Some music recommendations:
    • Me and My Drummer – You’re a Runner
    • Alela Diane – Pirate’s Gospel
    • Broken Bells – High Road, The Ghost Inside
    • Feist – The Water
    • Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers
    • Ane Brun – To Let Myself Go
    • Sóley – Pretty Face
    • Florence & the machine: Bird Song
    • Massive Attack feat. Yolanda Quartey – Harpischord (Live!)

    I know it won’t earn me anymore points, but I don’t care – here are some books I loved:
    • Sweetly by Jackson Pearce
    • Tales from the Town of Widows by James Cañon (This one was… different)
    • The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

    That would be…uhm… 10 points for the random crap part and – I don’t know, does a Haiku even count as fan art?

    Anyway, thanks for pulling of such a cool ARC-giveaway, I’m so in love with the penguin-doodle.

    Alexa O.

  4. Anonymous

    I wrote a poem when I re-read Anna a while back that I wanted to show you, not as an entry but just because I thought you might find it interesting. I’ll PM it though because I don’t like when every one reads what I write even though it isn’t my serious writings!

    Anti Goddess already has a place on Goodreads! People are already very interested in reading it. 🙂


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