ANTIGODDESS cover roundup!

I've never done a cover reveal before. Not really. With Anna and Girl I just slapped them up on the old Livejournal and called it a day. But I enjoy seeing cover reveals for other books and reading about how the cover came to be, etc, so since bloggers are excellent I thought I'd try to a blogger reveal. But I'm still slapping it up on the old Livejournal (which seems to have undergone a makeover, though I doubt that will matter to the goat much):

Hello, little owl eyeballs.
And here's a list of blogs, and what they're doing:
IceyBooks – Girl of Nightmares US Giveaway

Novel Sounds – I made an ANTIGODDESS playlist

Cuddlebuggery – Crazy interview and hilarious fake covers, plus US giveaway (Anna and Girl)

Peace, Love, Teen Fiction – I do something weird here (so nothing new) and talk about the cover like I fell into it. ALso, International Giveaway, because the Penguin fears no post offices!

Chick Loves Lit – Reveal by the excellent Shanyn, who is still too scared to read my books.

The Book Rat – Grabby hands Spike and an inappropriate story about Anna and ANTIGODDESS's Lady Problems

Kari's Crowded Bookshelf – Interview and talk about how I came up with the title.

Birth of a New Witch – Reveal

That's most of them. Others should post later, but all are amazing and I am grateful for their willingness to feature the cover! I hope you like the cover, and more importantly, what goes underneath it.

In sad news, my uber old flip phone finally broke this week, forcing me to get one of those new fangled smart phones. RIP, old, loyal phone I could drop in the pool and never charge….the new phone I have named Charizard. Because it's a willful dick.

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