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Go Buy a Hat. And Get Ready to Hold the F*ck Onto It.

It's the day before the release of ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD. I'm spending most of it dug in, sniffing chicken in the slow cooker. Sounds pretty sane, yes? WELL IT ISN'T.

I'm sorry for yelling. For all the days up to say, the last week, I've managed to maintain a chill, zen-like attitude. There's no reason to panic, I told myself. Anna's a big girl. She'll be okay. I was pretty much Eddie Griffin in The New Guy.

Just roll around a bit. You'll be all right.
And then release week happens. And I am no longer the calm, cool Eddie Griffin. I'm Tina Fey on Annuale.

Local authorities may want to incarcerate me preemtively, like a wolfman.

I'm kidding of course. The above facial expression has only happened twice. And I don't even have an axe. But release week is guaranteed to turn you into at least a partial basketcase. I've tried to stay off of the internets as much as possible, to contain the crazy. I think that authors should get together and make our own version of the Annuale video, only for release week. Thoughts like, "This is all a huge mistake!" and "Nobody's going to like the book!" just pop up in your head. I feel like I'm preparing to bail out of a canoe. Time to blow up the car and start a new life under the name Sandra Monksburg.

In all seriousness however, despite the crazy running through my brain at the moment, I'm still enormously grateful to everyone who has left a kind comment, or a thoughtful review. I'm enormously grateful to the publishing/editing/publicity team at Tor. And the agenting team at Wolf Literary. I'm enormously grateful to anyone who wants to read the book or *gasp* buys it. I've got nothing to complain about. And after tomorrow, I'm sure the nuts will leak right back out of my head. But until then, I'm going to go buy a hat, and get ready to hold the f*ck onto it.