Promotion, Promotion, with a side of pushy

As the hour draws near for the publication of Sleepwalk Society, my mind turns increasingly toward promotion. Because, that is, the name of the game, perhaps particularly for those of us working with independent small presses.

Sidenote, if none of you have checked out or pre-ordered Caitlin R. Kiernan’s new novel, The Red Tree, you should. The premise sounds cool. And Caitlin is always pretty to read. She’s also put out a fairly cool website to promote it, which is something that, to my knowledge, she hasn’t done before. Poke around at your leisure here:

I’m planning to poke around more later. She is, like I will be, feverishly thinking of her pre-order numbers.

In other news, my website should launch in the next month or two. It won’t be nearly as cool. Or as well designed. Or spelled correctly. I kid of course. It should be fine, as long as I can keep Puppy J’s paws off of it. But I have a plan. I’m diverting Puppy J with a video blog, in which I will discuss literature and movies linked to literature, and Puppy will make inappropriate and only marginally coherent comments. It is to be called, The Writer and the Stuffed Dog. That is, if all goes smoothly. He is always difficult to control, and occasionally difficult to keep focused.

There was another quarterly release of Arkham Tales Magazine, a very stylish and well-conceived weird fiction mag where my piece, "Winter" will be appearing eventually. Well worth a read, and it’s free:

So long from the intermittent blogger. Puppy J says, "smell ya later, bitches!" because he has been watching old Simpsons eps. And also because he is rude.

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