Pretty maids all in a row…ARCS!!!

There are a few particularly nice milestones on the road to publication. Seeing the book in an early finished form is definitely one of them. At about 3pm, the UPS guy knocked at the door and said he had a present for me. Did he really know what he was bringing, or did my creepily excited face tip him off? Anyway, I opened the box to see these:

All the digital cameras in the house are dead, so I had to use the webcam. Things got weird and wrestly for a few minutes. But there they are. Shiny and new. And so much detail on Anna’s dress, and all the red on the back cover, which I didn’t take a picture of, because I thought I was going to break my computer setting up another shot.

11 thoughts on “Pretty maids all in a row…ARCS!!!

    1. kendare_blake

      Thanks, Maurissa! I think I hurt myself diving through the pile of them. P.S. I’m giving away a copy of Warped in a few weeks, as one of my now favorite paranormal thriller romances. The book had such a warm feeling, for something that was also so full of action. Thanks for the great read!

  1. Anonymous

    Hurray for ARCs

    OMG that must be so exciting!!! I work in publishing and, honestly, if it were possible I would let them pay with ARCs. Haha Congrats!


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