Piano riff…WOO! Piano Riff…WOO! (Anna Dressed in Blood Cover Art)

If you’ve seen the "Three Kings" episode of Family Guy where they spoof Stand By Me, you’ll know what that title is about. If you haven’t, watch it. I died. Hilarious. But the elation has a reason. Anna’s got cover art!

I just opened my email and there it was, a lovely gift from the awesome editor Mel Frain and the Tor art folks. Mostly I think, a guy named Seth. I’m biased, but I think everyone involved with the cover is insane with talent. It’s so nice to see Anna, finally, looking so…dead. And pretty! I know the red flecks are probably supposed to depict rose petals, but I like to pretend they’re bits of her victims. Ah yes, it warms the cockles. Unless I don’t have cockles. What the heck are cockles, anyway?

13 thoughts on “Piano riff…WOO! Piano Riff…WOO! (Anna Dressed in Blood Cover Art)

  1. kendare_blake

    Thanks, Holly. I’m pretty psyched about the cover. BTW, I’m looking forward to reading The Poison Eaters. Caitlin R. Kiernan raved about it so much there was really no choice but to buy.


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