Expanded Horizons features “The Oak Prison”

Ah yes. "The Oak Prison". By me. A little tale about Merlin and Nimue…and their tale. I’m very excited to be featured in this progressive and interesting webzine. Here’s the link to view Issue 13, where I am: expandedhorizons.net/magazine/

Be sure to check out all the others too. They did an excellent fairy tale issue a month ago, and seek to feature stories from and about alternative lifestyles and minorities. So if you’re a woman, or a lycanthrope, or write quality stories about female lycanthropes, be sure to give Expanded Horizons a look.

In other news, I am just really getting into Caitlin Kiernan’s The Red Tree. And seriously, the woman can creep me out. I can’t write like her, not in her style, not with her powers of observation, and subtle, stewing resentment, but she really inspires me, and gives me ideas of my own. Looking for a lesson in worldbuilding, look no further than Ms. Kiernan. The idea of her supernatural tree, the twisted roots and the grisly things they’ve gotten themselves into beneath the earth is a great one. I don’t know where the book is going yet, and I find it thrilling that I don’t think she knew either, when she was writing it. At least, not exactly.

That’s how it was intended to go with my own new novel, we’ll call it Secret Project A. But now I’m close to the end, and it’s almost time to send it off to meet the world, so now I know where it’s ending up. Which is probably why I’ve been putting off working on it for the last week and a half. These things happen.

I saw MIchael Jackson’s, This is It last week. Because duh, I am an MJ lover. He’s black, he’s white, and I don’t give a fuck, he’s entertaining. The feature consists of the rehearsal footage from what would have been MJ’s last tour, and to see him up and dancing, and singing without losing an inch of his range, makes it hard to believe that he would be dead only a month later. The man could still move. He could still put some pro dancers to shame. And from the way he communicated and interacted with his team, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy, as well as a performance genius. I know we’re all sick of the E news channel having nothing else to talk about but his death. But let’s not forget that he was kick ass, and I wish he was faking it all this time. I wouldn’t even be mad. Seriously. Come on out, MJ. Come on out and say, "yeah I’m alive, so what? You wanna see my giraffe? Yeah. Who’s got two thumbs and has a giraffe? THIS GUY. Michael Fucking Jackson. Jamon!"

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  1. Anonymous

    Come on out Michael

    I agree with you Michael Jackson’s death was one of the worst parts of the year. If he came back from the Dead, i wouldn’t even miss a beat. I would by a ticket to his new show and make sure that i got to see him one time live before he really died. šŸ™ But anyway, I seen that RED TREE book you were talking about and i thin that the cover looks like something form Goosebumps< I'm Extremely excited about this Secret Project A. Any hint on what it is about??


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