To get signed books, contact your fave store on this list! Can’t make it to the event? Most will ship! First available will be pre-orders from the launch  at University Bookstore on 9/22. To order call: 206.634.3400

Mansfield Book Festival | Event Page | September 17

Mansfield ISD Center for Performing Arts
Mansfield, Texas

I’m going back to Texas! This festival is RIGHT before THREE DARK CROWNS comes out, so while I won’t be able to sign the actual books, but if you preorder with the bookseller, I’ll have signed bookplates and swag!


THREE DARK CROWNS Launch Gathering | University Bookstore Seattle | September 22, 7pm

4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

I hesitate to call it a party because I doubt we will dance. However I am open to games, message me with suggestions or requests. There will be cupcakes. Maybe I’ll bring my tarot cards. If you cannot come and want to pre-order a signed and bee-doodled/stick figure queen doodled copy, call the store at 206.634.3400 and they will ship!


Texas Teen Book Festival | Event Page | October 1, Hours TBA

St. Edward’s University
Austin, Texas

And back to Texas again for the festival that has evaded me these many years! I look forward to being in Austin, the weird, the delightful, the Linklater-y. Schedule TBD.


I’m hitting the road with REPLICA author Lauren Oliver!!

Changing Hands Bookstore with Lauren Oliver & Rae Carson | Bookstore Page | October 5, 7pm

Phoenix, AZ

Oooh, Changing Hands! I’ve heard so many good things about this store, both the Phoenix and the Tempe locations, so I’m very excited to go. Plus, special guest Rae Carson and I were debuts together.


Cover to Cover with Lauren Oliver & Mindy McGinnis | Bookstore Page | October 6, Time TBD

3650 N. High St.
Columbus, OH

On to Ohio, and the lovely Mindy McGinnis, who is an agent-mate and author of the incredible Not A Drop To Drink duo. Can’t wait to talk about her newest: The Female of the Species.


BN Princeton with Lauren Oliver, Melissa de la Cruz & Margaret Stohl | Bookstore Page | October 7, 7pm

3535 US Highway 1
Princeton, NJ

I’ve never been to New Jersey, except passing through Newark Airport. This is bound to be a good first visit with this lineup of authors.


New York Comic Con | Event Page | October 8

Javits Center
New York, NY

Come show off your cosplay! John Cusack is going to be there. Come as Lloyd Dobler. You know, I’ve never actually seen that movie.


Books of Wonder YA Panel with Lauren Oliver, Victoria Aveyard & Garth Nix | Store Page | October 9

18 W. 18th St
New York, NY

This panel lineup should have lots and lots of exclamation points behind it but I thought it made the page look too busy.


Main Street Books with Lauren Oliver & Zac Brewer | Store Page | October 11, 7pm

Spencer Road Library
St. Charles, MO

Missouri! I had a lovely time there at the librarian conference last year. I hope to see a few librarians there, which I should, duh, because we’re in a library. Forget I said that. I’m doing a lot of copying and linking as I update this page and my brain is all janky.


BookPeople with Lauren Oliver | Store Page | October 12, 7pm

603 North Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX

Austin was so lovely that we’re going back! I don’t need to be clairvoyant to know that. Austin is always lovely.


BN Frisco with Lauren Oliver | Store Page | October 13, 7pm

2601 Preston Road
Frisco, TX

Time to hit up the Dallas area! Texas is so vast…I’ll be there four times in two months and still need more trips!


Southern Festival of Books | Festival Page | October 15

War Memorial Plaza
Nashville, TN

On the way to the Missouri Librarian’s Conference last year, I rode down with an author/illustrator who was very complimentary about Nashville. Can’t wait to visit and see for myself.

Wordstock | Festival Page | November 5

Portland Art Museum
Portland, OR

Remember, remember, on the fifth of November…to go to Wordstock! And to contemplate Guy Fawkes, fireworks, treason, and plot. Back to Wordstock again this year! Panel TBD.


YALLFest | Festival Page | November 11-12

Charleston, SC

If you are in the Charleston area, you ought not miss this festival. The authors appearing…the list is legendary. Plus I hear there are restaurants nearby that serve incredible pie. Mmmm. Pie. Pie and Books. Books and Pie. A book pie. No, no, that wouldn’t work.

Teachers, Librarians and Book Groups/Clubs: I’m usually available for the Skyping. Contact me for more info.